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Just a brief announcement to say that monthly themes are no longer being run on this comm.

This is due to lack of participation, but it is my modly-hope that this will not negatively impact on anyone's enjoyment of the comm.

Members are still allowed to post themes or prompts for recs if they feel the urge - as long as these are prompts rather than searches. :)
Just seen debris_k's Pride & Prejudice fanvid a la Merlin rec and couldn't resist adding another Jane Austen-inspired rec myself!

An Unusual Arrangement by mrs_leary

Pairing: Colin/Bradley
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: Colin Elliot fell in love eight years before with the dashing young Captain Bradley Wentworth, but he was persuaded not to accept Bradley’s suggestion that they share a home. Now at last they are brought together again – but it seems that the rich and successful Captain Wentworth is instead in search of a wife.

Gushing: This is actually based on the book Persuasion rather than Pride & Prejudice, but the author has done justice to the Austen storytelling style and made this a moving mini epic! :)
Title: Be the Elizabeth to my Darcy
Author: Akarai92
Fandom, pairing: Merlin, Arthur/Merlin
Other: set to the tune of the "Pride & Prejudice" movie trailer, thus pure lovely Jane Austen crack, and should be watched by everyone. ♥

Psych, Carlton/Shawn, PWPish HOTness

If you've not yet read Love in the Time of Cupcakes by dlasta and rispacooper, Psych, Carlton/Shawn, NC-17 & PWP(-ish, with internal Carly!angsting), go forth and do so NOW, because such awesome Carlton!POV hotness should NOT be missed. Point in fact, and probably my favorite quote:

"Think of the children."
It will make perfect sense once you've read the ~9000 words (!!) of the story. Promise. :-D

Jared/Jensen RPS AU fic rec

The Twentieth Call by anyothergirl415

Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: It has to be coincidence he’s sure because there’s more then one person named Jared in the world and they might all be happy. Maybe Jared is a happy person name.

Gushing: I've got that mid-week feeling, so thought I'd offer y'all some lovely schmoop to put a smile on people's faces!! This is a short and sweet first-time fic, where Jared is a telemarketer who keeps phoning Jensen on behalf of different companies...and Jensen starts to really like the guy with the friendly & happy voice! ;D
The Lusty Month of May by elderberryink

Pairing: I think all of the possible pairings...and some you maybe don't even want to think of!
Rating: PG-13
Synopsis: Neither the fans nor the writers, or even the characters seem entirely sure who wants who in Camelot, but then again it is a very silly place.

Gushing: This is crack!vid!!!! And it's very well edited together; with the Dragon singing with Julie Andrews voice... guh. As I said though you may be mildly traumatised by some of the relationships that get hinted at in this vid! ;)

Mod!Post - November 2009 Crack Theme

November 2009 Crack Theme

Rules & suggestions for Monthly Themes can be found HERE , please do drop me a line if you have any input/feedback you want to share.

Rec for October's Playful Theme

Merlin Fun Mix by neko9786

Gushing: This is just massive crack! It's a kind of mix of different merlin clips, with voiceovers and music from different films and tv shows to give them a comedic slant. Seriously I challenge you to watch it and not crack a smirk at at least one bit!

Mod!Post - October 2009 Playful Theme

October 2009 Playful Theme

Sorry this is a bit late, please remember the Theme for September is still running 'til the 8th, so there's a few days left! :)

Rules & suggestions for Monthly Themes can be found HERE , please do drop me a line if you have any input/feedback you want to share.

Behind the scenes Merlin special!

Merlin: Secrets and Magic

Gushing: Well it's a new season so I'm currently rather high on Merlin! Also though, this special behind-the-scenes thing has a few mini interviews with the main cast, and there's a really cute bit in there that I personally think is rather Colin/Bradley-esque. Ipod-sharing and head-bopping does feature, as does some hints about hiatus meet-ups. ;)