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fandomishrecs; the open-minded reccing comm

fandomishrecs for the multi-fandom fans!
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Welcome to fandomishrecs!

This community is aimed to be a multi-fandom reccing community.

This is because as Shrek most memorably put it, "onions have layers" - and us fans are onions. We all follow numerous fandoms, and many of us enjoy all the different fan works that come out in association with these fandoms, not to mention we also love behind-the-scenes insights into our fav shows!

There are already quite a few comms out there, especially where people are able to post their own works, or to request recs. fandomishrecs is unique in that we are only for posting recs, however we are extremely liberal in what you can post recs on; we like hearing about any medium, and across a wide range of fandoms.

e.g. If there is a newspaper article about Supernatural that you really liked - rec it here!
If someone has done a photo manip that you think is incredible - rec it here!
If there's an au, rps, cross-over fic that you loved - rec it here!
A particularly juicy piece of fandom gossip - rec it here!


To become an affiliate, or if you want to ask any questions please get in touch with the Moderator skysha_tranqui, via the Affiliations post

There are just a few simple rules to be followed, please see below.


For the time being the primary fandoms of this comm shall be: supernatural, stargate:atlantis, harry potter, merlin, buffy, and psych .

Cross-over fics are allowed, so long as one of the fandoms in the fic corresponds with one of our primary fandoms. If there is another fandom you would like added to the comm, there is a post you can comment to. You must be able to back up your request with a minimum of 5 recs, to show that there is a reasonable amount of good fan material to make it worth adding the fandom to this comm.

Posting a rec:
Because there are a limited number of tags available, please check the tags first to see if there is one that may suffice(i.e. 'kink', or 'crack!fic', or 'fluff' etc). For all recs we insist you tag its;
fandom: (merlin, stargate: atlantis, buffy, supernatural, harry potter, psych)
medium: (fanfic, fanvid, fanpic, etc)
pairing: (if any)
And again, please check our current tags first.

The Rules:
1) No flaming - if you do not share the exact same interests as others, either ignore the posts you aren't interested in, or stop watching/commenting on this comm. Abuse will not be tolerated.
2) There is to be no homophobia or racism of any kind in this comm (unless it is in the nature of commenting on, say, Colin Morgan's apparent fear of ginger-haired individuals - i.e. in a joking, sarcastic or ironic way).
3) When reccing something, please state in the subject line what you are reccing.
4) When reccing something, please tag in as much detail as you can; make use of the specific tags already available, and if you feel the need to use one that isn't there please do so.
5) IF discussing a rec which is NC-17 in nature, please use LJ cuts to hide any details that you feel other comm members may not want to see/read. LJ cuts can be found Here .
6) SPOILERS - you are free to rec things relating to specific episodes etc, but please make sure you clearly state which episode it is and either avoid writing anything spoilerish, or LJ cut it.
7) To request another fandom be added to this comm, reply to the Fandom Addition Post with your request and 5 recs to back it up.
8) If you have any problems or questions, please reply to any of the Mod posts for assistance.
9) Any finally, have fun!

Monthly themes are no longer being run on this comm due to lack of participation; members are still free to suggest themes if they so desire.